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What is Domino?

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Domino is a game that involves placing tiles to form a line and then knocking them over. The game has many variations and is played by two or more people. The rules of the game may vary, but the general goal is to get all of your tiles down in order to win. Depending on the type of game, players can win by being the first to complete a set or by being the player with the most points after a certain number of rounds.

A domino has a rectangular base and is twice as long as it is wide. Each side of a domino features a number, called pips, which range from six pips down to none or blank. The pips on each side of a domino determine its value. If a domino has a blank side, it cannot be matched with another tile and must remain in your hand until someone else plays one. The game is played on a table or hard surface. Players begin by drawing tiles from the bag until they have seven in their hand, then laying them out on the table in front of them. The first player (determined either by the draw of lots or by who has the heaviest hand) places a domino on the table.

The word domino probably originated in the early 18th century and became a popular fad in Italy, Austria, and southern Germany. Although there were many other games with similar components, dominoes became a fad because they were relatively easy to play and required little equipment.

Physicist Stephen Morris says that when you pick up a domino, it has inertia—a tendency to resist motion until an outside force nudges it over. He also explains that when you slide the bottom of the domino against another, you create friction and generate heat. This energy is then converted into the potential energy that makes a domino fall. When that first domino falls, all the energy stored in it becomes available to push on the next domino, and so on.

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Good dominoes are tasks that lead to a bigger goal and can have a positive impact on your life. For example, working on your financial plan could be a good domino because it contributes to reaching your savings goals. Other examples of good dominoes include completing a volunteer project or spending time with loved ones. Taking the time to do these tasks can make your life more rewarding and can help you focus on what matters most in your life.

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